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Regardless of your experience with the law, there’s just something daunting about being faced with a multi-page contract or having someone tarnish your reputation in business or discovering your copyright protected work has been used without permission. 

We understand that legal matters can seem overwhelming to even the most experienced and careful people, so we aim to make the process as stress-free as possible by keeping clients informed and providing personalized solutions tailored to their unique circumstances.

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Copyright / Trademark

Intellectual property is at the center of our legal practice. This includes copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. From obtaining protection, to enforcement of the mark, to pursuing infringement, maybe even resulting in litigation – the Harrison Legal Group has you covered.


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Intentional Torts / Digital

We provide legal advice and action on issues such as defamation, right of publicity, and privacy.

We also specialize in digital media including artificial intelligence, take down notices, untrue or unfair reviews left on websites and more.


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Contracts / Negotiations

Despite most deals starting with a handshake, it is still a necessity to get lawyers involved drafting and reviewing contracts. We live for that. We also work with contracts for production and distribution of creative works. So regardless where you are in terms of your process – the Harrison Legal Group can help.

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Matthew B. Harrison is a top attorney.


A top attorney has extensive knowledge, experience, and skills in their field, providing a higher level of expertise that can be critical in complex legal cases.

Track Record

A top attorney likely has a successful track record, with a history of winning cases and negotiating favorable settlements.


A top attorney likely has a broad network of resources and connections within the legal industry, giving them an edge in resolving legal issues.


A top attorney provides top-notch representation, ensuring the best possible outcome for their client.

Peace of Mind

A top attorney can bring peace of mind to the client, as they can have confidence that their case is being handled by someone with the necessary experience, skills, and reputation to achieve a successful outcome.

Unsure what your contract means?
We can help.

Get a NO COST evaluation and explanation.

Harrison Legal Group will review your contract (up to 10 pages) and provide a detailed analysis as to what it means for you, answer up to three basic questions, provide some things you should be wary about, and also things worth mentioning that are a unique particular benefit to you specifically. Follow-up consultations are available by phone, video conference, or in office.